Kate Hawley – Inducted 2017
Friday, 27 October 2017
Marsden Years :  1982 – 1988 (Years 7-13)
Kate Hawley receives this award in recognition of her contribution to costume design for film and theatre both in New Zealand and internationally.

Coming from a musical family involved in performance, Kate grew up with theatre in her blood and even, while at school, was creating costumes, props and scenery for local and school productions.

Kate went on to train in graphic design at the Wellington School of Design, completing a Diploma in Visual Communication Design. On receiving a television scholarship in 1996, she went to the Motley School of Theatre Design in London.  Although Kate started her profession designing for the theatre, and in particular opera, she has also worked in film.  In New Zealand and Australia she has worked for Peter Jackson on Lovely Bones and with Guillermero Del Toro on The Hobbit, Pacific Rim and more recently Crimson Peak.

Every project requires her to embrace every facet of the character, the setting and the plot. Research into the subject and the attention to accuracy in the tiniest of detail are all part of her success in bringing a production, be it for stage or screen, to life. She draws her inspiration from a wide variety of sources – both traditional, fantasy and dark gothic.