Elizabeth Orr (nee Entrican) CNZM – Inducted 2017
Friday, 27 October 2017
Marsden  Years:  1936 (Kindergarten) - 1942 (Form 2/Year 8))
Elizabeth Orr receives this award in recognition of her contribution to public service especially in the area of pay equity and equal pay for women. She has long been interested in the issue of employment for women and is a role model herself, in being appointed the first female chancellor of Victoria University in 1991.

Finishing her MA in 1953, Elizabeth became a lecturer at university before marriage and children diverted her into the promotion of other issues, such as legislative change to the jury service, giving men and women equal rights to serve on a jury. After a visit to America, she led a delegation to Government to establish the National Advisory Council for the employment of women; she set the terms for the Commission on Equal Pay, saw the 1972 Act put in place, and worked to promote the 1977 Human Rights Act. 

Elizabeth is one of five women to be awarded the inaugural Inspiring Union Women Award from the NZ Council of Trade Unions in 2015.