Mary MacLeod – Inducted 2012
Friday, 26 October 2012
Student at Marsden 1975 (Form 1/Shell) – 1981 (Form7/Year 13)
Receives this award in recognition of her achievement in international banking.
Mary is the first senior foreign employee of Beijing’s Industrial and Commercial Bank of China one of the world’s largest banks. As deputy chief executive officer of the investment wing of the bank, she is responsible for the bank’s key support areas  including legal issues, compliance, IT, credit and administration. 

Mary came into banking after graduating with a commerce degree from Victoria University. She then moved to Auckland where her banking career progressed working in a variety of accounting and banking firms before joining the Deutsche Bank where she spent 20 years working in credit and finance both nationally and internationally. 

Mary asserts that her career “has highlighted the attributes of New Zealand’s culture and educational system that makes for distinctive employees”  In her management role she employs many staff and has suggested that “mere knowledge of the facts isn’t enough anymore. What you need and what I look for when hiring staff, are people who can think of new ways of doing things and new ways of solving problems”.