Sue Kedgley – Inducted 2012
Friday, 26 October 2012
Student at Marsden  1963 (Form 5/Year 11) – 1965 (Upper VIth/Year 13)
Receives this award in recognition of her public service as a Member of Parliament, a Wellington City Councillor, and her work on environmental and community issues and on womens’ affairs at a political level.

From her student days, Sue was involved in politics, either as a student or pursuing her journalist career. She was involved in the womens’ movement in the 1970s and helped found the National Organisation for Women.  Having finished her Masters degree in political science, Sue spent 10 years overseas working in a variety of roles helping to promote women’s issues internationally for the United Nations .When she returned to New Zealand she worked as a reporter, director and producer in the  television  and  film industries. In 1992 she was elected as a Wellington City Councillor on a Green Party ticket.  As a councillor  one of her interests was public transport and its effects on the city’s environment. 

By her own admission, Sue’s became an “accidental “ MP when she agreed to put her name on the party list in the 1999 election. She served as a Green Party List MP for twelve years successfully taking on issues concerning animal rights, food safety, employment and health through select committees and legislation. Since retiring from parliament in 2011, Sue has continued her interest in population issues, food security and the environment at both nationally and internationally.

She has published seven books including Eating safely in a toxic world.

Sue has a strong social conscience and has been a tireless campaigner on many issues.
“ Sometimes the most important thing you can do is help raise awareness – the satisfaction then comes from watching that awareness translate to action in the community – whether its awareness about climate change, the pollution of our rivers animal welfare or food safety – that’s what campaigning is all about”.